LoL Queue Dodge Tool

An AI that computes your chance of winning at Champion Select

Known issues

  • Very unreliable service when not using extension.
  • The AI computations are very laggy for certain users (we need to convert the JS code into WebAsm).
  • The extension isn't able to connect to the LoL client for some users even after they set permissions.
  • The extension isn't able to connect to the LoL client for some users on Mac.
  • Bug - an encoding issue makes fetching certain summoners with special characters in their name from our server fail. It works with the extension however.

Patch History

  • Continuous
    • We are uploading a model update every now and then (1-2 times a month) to follow the meta and new champions

  • 2021/01/06
    • Fixed bug - some champion ids had been scrambled up
    • Fixed bug - server would previously crash until manual restart about once every month
    • Changed the data analyzed, has now greater potential for better results in the future - to come in future updates
    • A long overdue network update. It has now trained on matches from preseason too. Note: The decrease in winrate may be because of the unstability of preseason, but also because we haven't yet aquired as many samples of the new data format as we had before. We will work on further increasing the prediction rate in the future.
    • The new network should better handle new champions if it never trained on them before
    • Data fetching time is now roughly 8x faster

  • 2020/10/29
    • Added support for other languages on Step 1
    • Network attempts to utilize at most 25% of CPU

  • 2020/10/19
    • Removed logs from extension since this made some Chrome clients crash

  • 2020/10/08
    • Changed GUI theme to black

  • 2020/10/01
    • Optimized network, now runs 8x faster
    • Network attempts to utilize at most 50% of CPU

  • 2020/09/29
    • Fixed bug where being red team on live mode would yield the opponents win rate